DIY Flooring Installation Tips and Advice

Whether it is laminate, engineered wood planks, hardwood, tile, vinyl or other type of flooring that you want to install, there are a few steps that any DIY installation process needs to include:

  • Checking the levelness of the floor – whatever type of new flooring you want to install, you need the surface that the new floor will be installed on to be perfectly level. Place a long beam level on the highest point of the old floor to determine its levelness and do not move on to the next step of DIY flooring installation until you see that the bubble on the beam level floats between the marks. As professionals at Roll’em Out Shelves we appreciate the skillful attention of a level surface.,
  • Prepare the floor based on the instructions – some floor types need only a clean surface, others need the base to be prepared with special substances, so always read the instructions that come with the flooring material of choice,side pull out shelf
  • Use the right adhesives – flooring types vary in terms of the adhesive solutions they are fixed with. Make sure you use the adhesive indicated in the instructions and also make sure you prepare the adhesive as per the instructions, otherwise you risk ruining the entire floor,
  • Respect drying times – whatever solution you choose for fixing your new flooring, there is always a period immediately after the installation during which the new floor cannot be stepped on. Leave your new floor alone until it settles completely, otherwise it may develop bubbles or its components may move out of their place.