Popular Kitchen Cabinet Designs Today

The kitchen is the focal point in most homes – even if there is a comfortable and carefully designed living room in the house, family members and guests like spending time in the kitchen, especially if it is an attractive and inviting space. When it comes to kitchen cabinet design, fashion trends come and go, but there are some lasting trends that have been around for a while and will stay popular in the future, too – here are a few ideas to make the most important components of any kitchen, the cabinets functional and stylish at the same time:

  • Keep it light and clean – shaker-style cabinets (multi-door units with recessed panels in the center) and simple designs inspired by farm life fit into any kitchen design and they look great in all-white and in colorful environments alike.
  • Creative storage options – innovative storage fixtures, such as inserts inside the cabinet doors, and handy pull out shelves Denver retailers sell, that save space and make the kitchen easier to use are very popular in large and small kitchens alike.
  • Glass front cabinetry – a great, eye-catching design solution that can highlight collectibles, glassware and fine dishes.
  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets – these tall units provide space to store less-frequently used items and can be attractively combined with units that are not so tall.
Popular Kitchen Cabinet Designs Today

What Is Cabinet Resurfacing?

Cabinet resurfacing is a great, low-cost way to refresh the appearance of your cabinets in the kitchen or in the bathroom. You can also get some handy pull out drawers to enhance the kitchen and bathroom refresh. The process involves the application of a thin layer of material, usually wood or plastic veneer, on the outer surface of the cabinets and on the drawer fronts and optionally the replacement of the old knobs and handles as well. Resurfacing comes with many benefits over complete cabinet replacement – here are some of the most important advantages:

  • Low costs – if you choose resurfacing, you need to buy only the veneer and the hardware for the knobs or handles;
  • No design limits – veneers are available in so many styles, textures and colors and there are so many other materials that you can combine them with that resurfacing is more of an enjoyable, creative process than tedious renovation work;
  • No experience required – you don’t need experience or special tools to resurface your cabinetry, all you need is the veneer that you want to apply and some adhesive material, such as glue;
  • A quick and easy process – the new veneer can be applied on top of the old one, so the process does not involve any dismantling and it does not generate any debris that would need to be removed.
What Is Cabinet Resurfacing?

How to Hire a Good Handyman?

Every homeowner needs some help with home repairs and maintenance, at least every now and then and every homeowner knows that good handymen are hard to find. However, good, experienced and reliable handymen are out there, so here are a few ideas that can help you hire the best of them:

  • Prepare a list with the tasks you need to get done, don’t forget things like those pesky kitchen cabinet drawers that need repaired or replaced – your checklist will guide your search into the right direction and it will also give you more confidence while dealing with handymen. Try to find out as much as possible about the processes involved in your project – the more knowledgeable you are, the more convincing you become.
  • Get references – check internet forums and talk to people you know to identify reliable handymen in your area. Find out about promptitude, work quality, fees, politeness and general attitude as well.
  • Check licenses and other documents – look for a handyman that is licensed, bonded and insured to avoid difficult situations in case of property damage or an accident.
  • Request written cost estimates from multiple handymen and compare them in terms of labor costs, material costs, warranties and scheduling – this is a phase that is very important, but often skipped by homeowners, especially if they need a handyman to solve an emergency situation, but try to include it in the selection process if you have the time.
How to Hire a Good Handyman?

How Is a General Contractor Helpful?

Unlike specialized and home contractors who handle only one type of construction work such as plumbing, electrical installations, or specific tasks like installing shelves that slide that Denver retailers sell for cabinetry, general contractors are in charge of everything that happens on the construction site, from work safety to material supply and from meeting deadlines and from coping with emergencies to handling the communication with architects and authorities. As a general rule, if your construction or renovation project takes longer than a week, you need a GC – here are some of the major attributions and tasks that they handle:

  • Planning – the general contractor is responsible for designing the entire building or remodeling process by creating a detailed roadmap, deciding about completion deadlines and budgeting aspects. GCs are familiar with all the processes involved in the construction work, so they know exactly how long a specific process takes to complete and what the related costs are.
  • Managing subcontractors – the GC is also responsible for hiring and coordinating subcontractors to make sure work processes are completed in a timely manner.
  • Communication with the authorities – if the construction process requires building permits, it will be the general contractor who obtains them and he will be the one who mediates between the property owner and the authorities as well.
How Is a General Contractor Helpful?