Your Guide to Matching Your Cabinets with Your Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen Cabinet Color Choices

White kitchen cabinets

At first glance, white has the advantage that it can be matched with any other color, but when it comes to the kitchen furniture, things are a little bit different. If you want a successful match, you can consider a countertop in different shades of gray, with a wood pattern, or colored like other items in your kitchen.

Brown kitchen cabinets

Matching brown cabinets must be made according to how fair or dark is the brown shade. Generally, however, cream cabinets will look good in combination with chocolate, wenge or walnut countertops, while dark brown cabinets will form elegant combinations with white, cream, cream-gray and possibly even silver countertops.

Black kitchen cabinets

Even though it is not as common as the white, black kitchen furniture has its own charm, being the choice of people who love the minimalist or the Scandinavian styles. Being neutral, black kitchen cabinets go well with countertops in different shades of gray, fair wood, white or colored.

Colorful kitchen cabinets

If the above variations are not among your favorites and you prefer colorful kitchen furniture, choose white countertops – you will certainly not be wrong with it!  No matter what color you choose for your kitchen, consider putting in handy pull out drawers and other cabinet accessories to make your kitchen fully functional.



Your Guide to Matching Your Cabinets with Your Kitchen Countertop

Benefits Of Choosing Custom Cabinets For Your Home

Custom Kitchen Plans For Your Kitchen

Your kitchen furniture should be built to last and with a design that represents the owner’s personality. Custom kitchen furniture offers unlimited design options. Standard cabinets can be cheaper, but they will never have the value of custom-made cabinets.

Taking into account all the benefits of custom cabinets, you will understand why owners who choose them for their homes enjoy their decision every day.

  1. Custom cabinets are made to last. They are created individually, not on assembly lines, by skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work, using quality materials for finished products that may even look like a true artwork. The pullout drawers and quality shelves that slide Denver dealers offer can make a real difference in how much you can truly enjoy your kitchen.
  2. The use of local sources of raw materials
  3. Items that fit your home – You do not have to make do with the standard shapes and sizes. You can select cabinets in unique combinations that match your style and make the best use of your available space. Do you have a kitchen with an unusual appearance or unconventional form in which mass-produced cabinets do not fit? Opt for custom cabinets and the problem will be resolved.
  4. Personal selection – Going for custom cabinets allow you to select the best materials, styles and finishes that meet your goals and needs.



Benefits Of Choosing Custom Cabinets For Your Home

Remodeling Your Kitchen – Practical Ideas

a newly remodeled modern, luxury kitchen

We have been looking for the best advice we need when we remodel our kitchen. Of course, there are many things to consider when we start such a project, but some details are particularly import and must not be ignored.

Change the lighting in your kitchen

There is no need to change the lighting fixtures; it is enough to change the bulbs. Choose a different light (in terms of intensity or warmness) and the entire perspective on your kitchen will change

Buy quality materials

When you buy the materials necessary in the remodeling process, do not make compromises. Look for quality stuff and try to establish the best balance between quality and price, in order to be able to stick to your budget.  Install the most functional kitchen cabinet drawers for silverware storage, and other sleek utensils.

Use the kitchen walls

To save as much space as possible, but also to use it in the most efficient way, install wall shelves to store the things that you need quick access to.

Use recycling ideas

Whether we are talking about recycling old jars to make lighting fixtures, or wooden frames to make creative shelves, it is never too late to consider some do-it-yourself projects. There are many recycling ideas that you can put into practice; just use your imagination!


Remodeling Your Kitchen – Practical Ideas

History of Lazy Susan Cabinets

rolling corner shelvesLazy Susan cabinets are a great addition to your kitchen, if you want to make your items accessible and keep them organized.  Just like other Lazy Susan pieces of furniture, these cabinets are designed to include some revolving serving trays or shelves that bring any hard-to-access little thing within your reach, in a second. To gain maximum storage in your cupboards purchase slide out shelves Denver contractors can install for you.  Some people associate these devices only with some restaurant tables, but actually, they are also very popular for kitchen and garden furniture.

The origin of Lazy Susan furniture is oddly elusive, despite its popularity. Who was Susan? Was she the creator of these twirling devices?  Nobody seems to know, as there is no evidence and no historical proof to back up any speculation.

The most popular hypothesis links the concept behind Lazy Susan furniture to England and the 18th century, due to the identification of similar devices, made of mahogany, dating from around 1780, in auction houses in London.

There are also people who believe that Lazy Susan furniture is a 20th century invention that saw the daylight in a Vanity Fair ad, dating from 1917. Others give credit for this invention to President Thomas Jefferson, as well as to the inventor and scientist Thomas Edison. Are these just urban myths? Nobody knows for sure…



History of Lazy Susan Cabinets

Tips For Organizing Your Kitchen

Kitchen Is The Heart of The Home

The kitchen is the space where we spend quite a lot of time, so it needs to be bright, clean and organized efficiently. Although most people dream of having a big kitchen, this is not always possible. However, with a few tricks and by choosing the right furniture, even a small kitchen can become an efficient one, where the space is not an impediment.

  • Maximize the surface of the shelves by using additional metal racks and use the inner surface of the cabinet doors to hang kitchen utensils. You can also install some of the fabulous pull out shelves Denver companies offer.
  • Store different foods like pasta, flour, cereals and coffee in labeled containers (square or round jars, boxes or bottles). This way, they can be easily found, not to mention that they look nice when stored on open shelves
  • For spices, use a rotating stand, which you can put in a cupboard or simply leave it on the worktop. With rotating supports, you gain space and do not have to bother with reaching the containers stored behind the others. Do not store the spices in cabinets above the cooker, as they will lose their aroma and properties due to the high temperature
  • Choose a hanging kitchen cabinet that is fitted with a dish drainer and install it just above the sink
  • Use drawers with cutlery separators



Tips For Organizing Your Kitchen

Why You Should Work For a Family-Owned Business

If your family wants you to get involved in their small business, you may feel this is not exactly what you would have liked for a career.

Managing A Calendar

Unlike a career it allows you to manage your own calendar.  However, there are so many benefits to working for a family-owned company, so you may want to reconsider. Here are just a few of them:

  • The level of trust in your family members is usually higher than in foreigners (at least in the case of functional families).


  • Knowing the personalities and skills of your family members will help you find ways to integrate more easily into the company; there is no need to spend time and money with performance assessments.


  • Another great advantage is that the family works for the family, so you do not have to pay someone else on a PR position, when your wife also has specialized studies and skills. Therefore, you save money and benefit from efficiency, with minimal effort.


  • Another important aspect is the time that family members dedicate to their business. You will not have problems with your son/ daughter if you need them to work overtime or if you need them at work on the weekend, but you will have problems with a regular employee who wants and has the right to spend time with his/ her family, friends, and have a personal life.


  • A family member is willing to use financial resources for the good of the business, which is a great help especially in times of crisis.


  • Last but not least, if you engage in a family-owned business, you can spend more time with the significant people in your life than if you worked in separate places. Roll “Em Out Shelves is a family owned business, check them out


Why You Should Work For a Family-Owned Business