Decluttering Your Bathroom Cabinets

Most regular bathrooms do not have so many cabinets, because the storage space is typically limited (unless we are talking about exceptionally large bathrooms).

Besides the lack of space, there is also an often lack of organization. We tend to store many items in the bathroom because we are using them daily or at least very often, but most of the time they pile up inside the cabinets or under the sink, instead of being organized to ensure better reach when you need them.

Decluttering your bathroom cabinets is easier than you think.

The first step is to get rid of expired products and solutions. Needless to say that you should not use them anymore, but until you put them in the trash, they are taking up valuable space.

Sort the products existing in your bathroom and keep only those that you use daily and/ or frequently (shampoo, toothbrush, bath towels, house cleaning products, etc.).

Use organizers and dividers and have shelves that slide Denver cabinet companies can install inside the cabinets, for storing smaller things such as hair care appliances, and glue a magnetic tape on the inside of the cabinet`s door, for tweezers, nail clippers, bobby pins etc.

Install an extra shelf above the bathroom door, for some additional storage space.

Decluttering Your Bathroom Cabinets

Ways To Get More Space in the Kitchen

If you are the type who likes to cook often, you surely have many home appliances, accessories and spices that agglomerate your space. Here are some ways to organize your kitchen so it becomes more airy, and the things you need are always at hand.

  1. Install more shelves

Surely, you have at least one empty wall in your kitchen, which is enough to install some extra shelves, where you can store jars with flour, sugar, salt, pasta and other ingredients that would normally occupy the space in the kitchen cabinet drawers.

  1. Hang some utensils

Install some special bars that you can find in any home & deco shop, to hang some of the utensils you use most often. This way, you will use the wall and free up more storage space in the cupboard, for other accessories.

  1. Use a magnetic tape on the inside of the cabinet doors

It can also be mounted on a wall or on a side of the furniture and it will hold your knives and other cutlery, saving up space on the counter or inside drawers.

  1. Use a folding table

The table typical occupies a lot of space in the kitchen, but you can install a folding table that you can fold back anytime you do not use it. Simple and practical, right?



Ways To Get More Space in the Kitchen

Things To Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Visual Point Of View

From a visual point of view, there are some current trends in bathroom design that can be considered as standard for remodeling. Let’s take a look:

  1. Bathroom design ideas in minimalist style

A current trend is to design minimalist bathrooms, with very little furniture objects and bathroom items. Installing sleek cabinets with pull out drawers to keep a clean look and feel.  The harmony between the elements, the unity of shapes and the light colors are the success factors for a minimalist interior design. Choose white, cream and light brown shades, but do not be afraid to break the monotony with one or two intense color accents.

  1. Ideas for modern bathrooms

The bathroom is often the space where you relax a bit after a full day, and modern bathrooms put the accent exactly on designs able to positively recharge your batteries. A modern bathroom does not necessarily mean a futuristic arrangement, but a functional, airy and bright space to create the feeling of well-being.

  1. Ideas for setting up a romantic bath

Beyond the strictly functional aspect, the bathroom is also an intimate area where relaxation and romance find a special place. A romantic design means first of all to create the right atmosphere of a beautiful, quiet and welcoming space, using warm colors, natural materials and special accessories, such as those with an antique aspect.

Things To Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Different Types of Shelves That You Can Have in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Designs

Because the kitchen is always full of all kinds of dishes and tableware, you need to have as much storage space as possible. Here are some different types of shelves you can have in your kitchen, depending on its style and the (storage) space you need.

  • A cupboard, with open top shelves and door cabinets in the lower part, is a nice model, especially for a traditional rustic style kitchen. You can expose your favorite dishes to the top and hide the least aesthetic in the cabinet.
  • Suspended cabinet with shelves and glass doors is only suitable for storing plates, cups and glasses. It is preferable not to display pots, crackers and pans there.
  • A cabinet with slide out shelves Denver business owners sell and install offer a lot or storage space, as well as better organization of the stored items. You can leave a greater distance between shelves, so you can also store boxes, baskets or other bigger kitchen accessories.
  • Drawers are suitable if you do not have too many pots. Cutlery and other utensils, as well as not-too-large accessories can find their place in the drawers.
  • A vertical stand can be an ingenious idea for glasses and maybe even for dishes. However, do not exaggerate with storing too may pots or pans, because the stability of this type of storage item is reduced.
Different Types of Shelves That You Can Have in Your Kitchen

Best Ways to Sort Your Kitchen Spices

Kitchen Organization

You have to admit that the way you store your kitchen spices most of the time is not very  organized and you lose precious minutes in a row browsing through small  envelopes, jars and boxes, looking for parsley, thyme or pepper. In order stop wasting your time, you must invest some effort and a little money in a better organization.

You can do this regardless the type off kitchen furniture that you have, because you will not need much space to sort your spices and store them in a way that will allow you to have them within reach and browse through them with ease.

You need some jars, small boxes or, if you want to be really cool, some test tubes, bought specifically for storing the spices in them. The recipients should be identical or at least similar in size.

The main factor to consider when sorting your kitchen spices is their name, which has to be written somewhere on the recipient, in a visible area. Once you have labeled all your spices, it is time to put them in alphabetical order, as this is the best way to identify them when you need them.

Find everything you need to organize your cabinets, whether it be the bathroom, kitchen even your garage, see

Best Ways to Sort Your Kitchen Spices

Making Use Of Your Blind Corner Cabinet

Blind cabinet corners have nothing to do with blindly finding the objects stored inside… They got this name because the door is missing and there is a blind side of them. They are useful where the other cabinets form a corner, because they provide solutions to stay organized and access items more easily. There will be no more getting on your knees to look for objects stored at the bottom of some cabinet and no more climbing on chairs either.

Staying organized will increase your productivity.

There are several solutions that make a blind corner cabinet accessible.

Pull out trays

They are installed on full extension rails and support many types of objects, including heavy. Pull out trays will not fit into any cabinet, so make sure to check this aspect before making a purchase.   The convenient pull out shelves Denver companies sell directly are installed by them too, so no worries when it comes to sizing.  Installation is not that easy either, so you should leave it in the hands of people who know what they are doing.

Half Moon

As their name says, these shelves are half moon shaped and this shape is not chosen randomly; they actually provides better access to the items stored in the cabinet. Half moon shelves are affordable, some are designed to pull out, but they cannot support heavy objects.

Making Use Of Your Blind Corner Cabinet

How To Organize Your Laundry Room With Pull-Out Shelves

Organized Laundry Room

Pull-out shelves are convenient and efficient storage solutions, designed to be extended independently from the cabinet, which ensures much better retrieval of the stored objects. Pull-out shelves are also known as slide out shelves, roll out shelves, sliding cabinet shelves etc. Except for very slight variations, they all represent the same cabinetry solution.

This type of shelves are very popular in the kitchen, but they can be very helpful in other rooms too, such as the laundry room. They can be personalized to meet your needs, so upgrading to this style of shelving will bring much more convenience. However, there is one aspect that must be taken into consideration: this shelving option reduces the support strength, so you should avoid storing too many pieces of laundry, detergents and other washing and cleaning accessories on one shelf.

Besides the advantages related to organization, drawers and shelves that slide Denver manufacturers have designed provide other significant benefits. They are designed to last for a very long time – even longer than the furniture they belong to. Installing them is so easy that you can safely attempt to do it yourself, with the right accessories. Finally yet importantly, installing pull-out shelves is a form of home improvement and will ensure increase resale value.


How To Organize Your Laundry Room With Pull-Out Shelves

How Can Sliding Drawers and Shelves Help Me Organize My Kitchen?

pull out drawers with dividersSliding drawers and shelves became very popular especially as a part of modern modular kitchens, where organization has simplified significantly. It is easy to add or remove this type of drawers and shelves from a modular kitchen, without affecting its overall aspect, and they are a great way to have a clutter-free and well-organized space, where you enjoy spending your time.

Sliding drawers and shelves have been designed to ensure easier access to all items stored inside. With a simple move, you can bring the entire content of kitchen cabinet drawers at you reach.

One of the best parts is that sliding drawers can be designed to work both vertically and horizontally, depending on your storage needs. They can also be configured with various widths and heights, for storing different items.

Sliding drawers can be installed even under the sink, to provide better access to cleaning materials and other stored items.

The technology behind sliding drawers and shelves is not so complicated, which makes their installation very easy.  You just need the necessary accessories and a bit of handiness. There are many types of slides, but the most popular are epoxy slides, under-mount slides and Ball Bearing.



How Can Sliding Drawers and Shelves Help Me Organize My Kitchen?