Modern bathroom designs involve a temperate contrast. These rooms focus on natural stone plating with rather discreet finishes and colors.

Continuity and Chromatics

Gray, white, navy blue (dark blue) are currently the most trendy colors for modern bathrooms. They are followed by dark and light brown, pale yellow and fresh/ foliage green.   Don’t forget to add a coat of paint to your vanity either, and do some cost effective updates adding slide out shelves Denver retailers now sell.

Current bathroom color trends look for a chromatic unit; very close shades will complement each other. Furniture items and sanitary ware are also matched with walls and flooring materials (marble, granite and ceramic are some of the most popular).

•Gray remains a classic, elegant floor option. Shades like pearly gray and slate gray also come with an elegant side that inspires grandeur and sophistication
•Black is used in contras. For example, white on the walls and black for tiles and furniture is a timeless, simple and elegant choice
•Beige is a simple, natural and stylish option and you cannot really fail by choosing it
•A bath in shades of blue is full of freshness and perfect for relaxation.

The full color paint can be “broken” by chrome or brass ornaments.

When you choose the color palette, always consider the particularities of your bathroom. Open colors will optically increase the space in the room, while darker colors create great contrasts.