pull out drawers with dividersUnused storage spaces, where you can install sliding drawers, exist in any room, regardless its size. It is important to know how to identify them.

Here are some ideas of places in your home for sliding drawers.

* In various cabinets

Many types of cabinets have either too high or too deep compartments to allow an efficient use of all the available space, so installing sliding drawers is the best idea.

* Under the bed

The space under your bed is quite large and can be transformed into storage space by installing sliding drawers that will prove to be more capacious than you may have thought.

* In the fridge

Maybe you did not know, but there are sliding drawers designed especially for fridges. They have some special long hooks, similar with rails, but made of PVC, not metal, like regular sliding rails, used for hanging them under the refrigerator’s regular racks; they allow easy sliding back and forth.

* Under the bathroom sink

The cabinet under the sink is typically designed for the convenience of plumbers and is nothing but a big box, of which you generally use only the bottom. Fortunately, you can upgrade it by installing sliding drawers. They are easy to remove when the plumber needs to replace the pipes and meanwhile they will store more items and make them easy to reach.