Kitchen Organization

You have to admit that the way you store your kitchen spices most of the time is not very  organized and you lose precious minutes in a row browsing through small  envelopes, jars and boxes, looking for parsley, thyme or pepper. In order stop wasting your time, you must invest some effort and a little money in a better organization.

You can do this regardless the type off kitchen furniture that you have, because you will not need much space to sort your spices and store them in a way that will allow you to have them within reach and browse through them with ease.

You need some jars, small boxes or, if you want to be really cool, some test tubes, bought specifically for storing the spices in them. The recipients should be identical or at least similar in size.

The main factor to consider when sorting your kitchen spices is their name, which has to be written somewhere on the recipient, in a visible area. Once you have labeled all your spices, it is time to put them in alphabetical order, as this is the best way to identify them when you need them.

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