Places You Never Thought to Put Shelves

Storage is an endless struggle in many households – there never seems to be enough space to accommodate everything that needs storage and finding items is also a nightmare, even in the case of items that have their own place. Fortunately, there are lots of clever design ideas that you can use for increasing storage space in your home without mounting shelves on walls the conventional way – here are some unusual, but very handy places where you can add helves:

  • Underneath the stairs – the space under the stairs is usually a dead space, but you can easily transform it into attractive and comfortable storage space by grabbing a few thick boards or planks, cutting them to size and mounting them to serve as shelves, you may even be able to install slide out shelves Denver retailers sell;
  • Shelves on doors – closet doors and room doors can all be fitted with shelves and racks for storing small items that are frequently used;
  • Shelves above the doors – if you have a door in a corner, you can easily create a triangle-shaped shelf that rests on the door frame and is attached to the walls that form the corner. The shelf can be used for décor components as well as for items that you need in the room, but are not used day by day.
Places You Never Thought to Put Shelves

Increasing Home Resale Value with Innovative Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

Increaing Your Home's Value By Updating Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of all the action in most homes and it is also the space that potential buyers usually take the most interest in – in other words, if you want your home to create a great first impression, make sure your kitchen is attractive. While completely overhauling the kitchen before you put your home on the market is not always possible, you can increase your home’s resale value significantly with a few minor changes, such as adding a few smart and innovative kitchen cabinet drawers and shelves – here are a few tips how:

  • Use pull-out shelves – bending over to find something in a messy kitchen cabinet is a nightmare and your potential buyer can be easily put off by the sight. Take out the old, fixed shelves and replace them with sliding, modern ones to create a neat and organized space;
  • Use filler pull-outs – most kitchens have decorative fillers with lots of valuable, but unused space behind them. Add custom shelves to these spaces to increase the functionality of your kitchen;
  • Use space dividers – you can add space dividers, organizers and small boxes to make sure the items stored on your innovative shelves stay neat and organized.
Increasing Home Resale Value with Innovative Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

How Can Pull Out Shelves Help Organize Toiletries?

Hidden Shelves For Organization For Bathroom

Toiletries have a way of spreading uncontrollably and they can take over your entire bathroom in no time. Fortunately, today we have pull out shelves, these ingenious pieces of furniture that can help you maintain your bathroom neat and organized – here are some of their features that will convince you to use them:

  • Great for decluttering the bathroom counter – pull out shelves add extra storage space in an invisible way, without cluttering the visible surfaces, get ideas and more at places like Roll ‘Em Out Shelves locally;
  • Versatile installation options – pull out shelves can come in their own, stand-alone cabinets or they can be installed into already existing cabinets;
  • Great for items of any size – pull out shelves come in various sizes, so they can accommodate not only small make-up palettes, but large bottles of shampoos and cleaning chemicals as well;
  • Customizable – you can place walls, dividers and trays inside the shelves to delimit the space and to make cleaning easy as well;
  • Space-savvy solutions – pull out shelves are nowadays available in many great, space-saving variations that maximize the amount of toiletries that can be contained, but minimize space usage, so smart pull out shelves can be used to make the space in small bathrooms look and feel larger and to extend large bathrooms even further.
How Can Pull Out Shelves Help Organize Toiletries?

How Roll Out Shelves Can Help Keep Your Products Organized

Success For Cabinet Organization

Roll out shelves are ingenious solutions that work great not only in households – they are great storage solutions for shop owners who want to store their products safely and comfortably and also want to make shelf restocking quick and easy. Here are a few tips how to use them:

  • Use them underneath your shelves – customers usually buy the products that they see at eye level, so you can just lift your shelves a bit and install some roll out shelves with a door to create an extra storage cabinet. Make sure that the shelves in each cabinet contain products displayed on the specific shelf above them, otherwise you risk spending more time looking for products to place on the shelves and taking inventory can also become more difficult;
  • Use them in your storage space or warehouse area as well – roll out shelves do an excellent service in the warehouse as well, allowing you to locate and to grab the product requested by your customer quickly;
  • Great for large and heavy items – you can install large roll out shelves underneath storage cabinets, right above floor level to store heavy or bulky items safely and out of the way.  Customers are saying that shelves that slide Denver companies are installing are helpful and truly a way to make the task at hand easier and definitely more organized.
How Roll Out Shelves Can Help Keep Your Products Organized

How Pull Out Shelves Can Help You Organize Your Linens

Organized Kitchen With Pull Out Shelves

We would all love to have linen shelves that are worthy of home design magazines, but linen closest can quickly and easily turn into messy spaces that store only very few useful and valuable items. Fortunately, the problem can be easily solved with some pull out shelves and a little attention – here is how these ingenious shelves can help you:

  • They allow for storing linen by category – you can organize your linen by color, by size, by the room where they are used. The pull out shelves Denver residents buy come in lots of different sizes, so you can have some for sheets and sets that take up only little space and some for large blankets or duvets;
  • Add smaller boxes and dividers – the items placed on wide and deep pull out shelves can be further organized by adding boxes and space dividers;
  • Combine shelves with other space-saving solutions – zippered plastic bags and pouches are great for storing items that cannot be placed directly on the shelves and they also prevent your linen items from gathering dust over time;
  • Consider moving part of your linens to the closet you use for your wardrobe or some similar place, storing only regularly used sets in the line closet.
How Pull Out Shelves Can Help You Organize Your Linens

How to Work on Customizing Your Bathroom with Roll Out Shelves

Customized Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling and customization tasks are always a little harder than most other types of remodeling. Whether it’s because the bathroom is somewhat of a sacred sanctuary that everyone has certain pet peeves about, or because the presence of water makes installing electrical appliances and gadgets a little (or a lot) impractical, it’s usually hard to find a kind of remodel that will please everyone in the household.


Fortunately, there are some, and customizing your bathroom with roll out unit with sliding drawers is an option.  Roll out shelves can give you a sense of organization and control beyond what you’ve experienced thus far.


The ideal place to install your roll out shelves is in your existing cabinets. Although you can always buy additional bathroom cabinets for that purpose, it’s not usually necessary. The cabinets you already have should be enough.


You’ll have to decide on the style, size and number of roll out shelves you will need. Will you want to use shelves that have a taller boundary, or maybe flatter ones that allow you to fit in 4-5 shelves in a single cabinet? The color will also be important, since once the shelves are rolled out they will contrast with your bathroom’s overall mood. Finally, there is a lot to talk about the process of actually installing the shelves and whether you’ll need support from a professional or not.

How to Work on Customizing Your Bathroom with Roll Out Shelves

The Most Popular and Unique Features You Can Get for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Unique Features

It’s really a great idea to spice things up in the kitchen, and we’re not just talking about actual spice. Improving the appearance and practical appeal of your cabinets can be a definite worthy cause. When you really decide to look for the best features for your cabinets, you’ll find there are so many options in store that you’ll wonder where they all came from.


Dividers for pull out drawers and shelves are definitely in. Gone are the days when you used to struggle keeping ingredients apart from each other. Now the new trend of using dividers and organizers can provide you with greater ease than ever before when it comes to organizing your shelves and drawers.


You can also consider mixing a tilt-out trash can with one of your cabinets or even making one the actual extension of the other.


If you want to be able to charge your phone or tablet in the kitchen without risking that it might be damaged by any random spillage, consider setting up a plug and a charger inside one of your cabinet drawers – preferably one that’s farther away from the stove or microwave.


Finally, another great choice is to use kitchen cabinet shelves – and even pull-out shelves – to keep smaller kitchen appliances like toasters and microwaves out of sight. This option can really make your kitchen stand out in terms of being neat and tidy.

The Most Popular and Unique Features You Can Get for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Exploring the Most Important Questions in Kitchen Remodeling: Can Cabinet Shelves Be Painted?

Important Questions For Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Cleaning and maintenance are both important when it comes to elements such as the shelves of your cabinets. Most cabinets have wooden shelves, which unlike metal, glass or plastic, are prone to anything from water and fire damage to being affected by smoke, parasites like termites and even common household dust.


Metal and plastic shelves can also be painted in most cases, if necessary, but the best results can be gained by using the right type of paint on wooden cabinet shelves. Why is wood so appealing when it comes to the prospect of painting it? It’s simply because of wood’s natural texture and appearance that makes it less of an artificial addition to your home.


Most wooden shelves are painted in the first place, but the paint tends to wear off over time. If that happens, you usually have one of three choices: either you replace them, you use veneer to cover them, or you paint them. While replacing can be costly, and veneer doesn’t look good in all instances, paint can provide you with a more unique set of possibilities when it comes to redesigning the appearance of your shelves.


Painting your wooden cabinet shelves can be a pleasant experience, and the whole task shouldn’t take you much longer than a single afternoon – unless you plan on adding multiple coats of paint, just to make sure you get the desired effect.  Look to http://rollemoutshelves.com/ for more options on organizing and remodeling your kitchen cabinetry.

Exploring the Most Important Questions in Kitchen Remodeling: Can Cabinet Shelves Be Painted?

The Best Tips and Recommendations for Keeping Your Cabinet Shelves Clean

Cleaning Tips And Recommendations

Cleaning your cabinet shelves can bring a lot of hassle along with it, as long as you don’t fully know how to keep them clean in the first place. Cabinets can be quite messy, and without some care and proper prevention, the beautiful wood, glass, metal or anything else you might have, could be stained and affected by rot, mold or rust.


One of the main rules is to be extra careful with any liquid products you might store on your cabinet shelves. Make sure that any bottles and jars are closed safely and that there’s no chance for them to fall and get broken, or to be opened and cause a spillage by mistake.


Another tip is to clean your shelves as frequently as possible, it makes it easy when you have pull out shelves Denver retailers sell. This isn’t just meant to remove dust, but also to prevent bacteria and other parasites from taking hold. You have to make sure that the shelves are also cleaned with a gentle cloth so that they won’t get scratched and damaged – especially in the case of sensitive materials such as glass.


Finally, when it comes to wooden shelves, it’s a good idea to paint them a bit more frequently than just once every few years. Paint can wear off and the shelf can be severely affected by just about anything in the surrounding environment.

The Best Tips and Recommendations for Keeping Your Cabinet Shelves Clean

Understanding the Causes of Sagging Shelves – What Can You Really Do About Them?

We’ve all been there – installing a new shelf only to find that the wood it’s made of just isn’t enough to hold our collection of books, magazines, porcelain dolls or memorabilia. If you have shelves that are sagging because of excessive weight being forced on them, then it’s important to be aware of what  exactly causes it to happen.


Sagging shelves can happen for any number of reasons. The most prevalent of them is that the weight we put on them is too great. However, this can be just a part of the problem.


In some cases, what happens is that the shelves themselves would normally withstand the weight of the objects we store on top of them, but they have no support. In these cases, simply installing brackets and metallic supports to hold up the base or center of a longer shelf will be enough to offer the reinforced support you were looking for.


Of course, there  are also cases when the shelves themselves are made from a type of material (most commonly wood) that is just too weak for the applications you have in mind. If that’s the case, consider buying a new shelf or replacing the boards of the shelving with stronger ones.


Finally, sagging shelves can also appear when the shelves you own are too old, damaged in some way, or poorly designed. In certain cases, it’s best to just buy a set of brand new shelves from companies like Roll’em Out Shelves in Brighton CO, rather than putting in a lot of effort to have them repaired.

Understanding the Causes of Sagging Shelves – What Can You Really Do About Them?
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