Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets

Slide-out kitchen drawers come in many shapes and sizes. While some are made from basic plastic, others are high quality wood. Regardless of the material, however, installing or building your own drawers will likely give them a basic appearance in the beginning. So let’s take a look at some inventive methods through which you can decorate them:


  • Start by making a few colorful, artistically crafted labels. They will look great on the exterior of your sliding drawers and make them more personalized. It’s a good idea to make sure the labels’ color and style matches the colors and design of your kitchen, so they don’t look out of place.
  • Use printed sheets of transparent paper to glue beautiful artwork on your newly crafted sliding drawers. Whether discrete or high contrast, your artwork will still allow drawers to retain their original appearance, and they will simply enhance it through the images or symbols you want.
  • You can also consider letting your kids do all the work. Hold a crafting or painting session and have them design a few simple drawings or sketches that you can use to decorate your sliding drawers nicely. It will not only be a memorable pastime, but it’ll also save you a lot of trouble, while creating some beautiful memories with your little ones.