Cooking With SpicesHerbs and spices are the best way to turn any boring meal into a delicious masterpiece without lots of added calories. Here are our suggestions for spices and aromatic plants that will cool you on hot summer days and create a better balance for your body.


Mint has a distinct fragrance and it has been used for centuries for its fantastic qualities. You can greatly improve the taste of any summer refreshment drink, by adding mint: lemonade, ice tea, wine, soft drinks. Mint provides an instant cooling sensation. It is also an excellent companion for salads, yoghurt and lamb meat.

Cumin seeds

Roasted cumin seeds are delicious in curry sauce, various soup recipes and also go well with different vegetables.

Fennel and fennel seeds

This aromatic spice tastes like sweet wood. You can add fennel into your own diet by using its seeds in your bread dough, as well as in different salad recipes. The fennel root is also sweet and fits perfectly with boiled seasonal vegetables.


Nutmeg is another perfect spice to be used in summer. It has a wonderful and refreshing flavor, improving the taste of tea and purees and making yogurt much more interesting.


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