Organized and Functional Small Bathrooms

Most homes have a small bathroom because architects prefer to give more space to bedrooms and living rooms.

As small as it is, you can still make your bathroom more comfortable and enjoyable by using the existing space in a smart way. So, if you think about making some improvements to your bathroom, here are some ideas that we think will be useful.

Choose the furniture, the toilet and the tub according to the available space. The smaller they are, the more your bathroom will look and feel more spacious. Purchase smaller or narrow bathroom cabinets with sliding drawers, make them use the corners or install them on the walls. Use them to store most of the things you need in the bathroom; do not leave too many things out because they will visually load the space.

Give up the tub for a shower cabin! This is a solution that many people with small bathrooms adopt because it creates extra space that can be used for storage. The space under the sink can also be transformed into storage space by installing a cabinet with pull-out shelves that can be easily removed when the installer has to work on the pipe system.

Last but not least, install shelves on the walls. They are extremely practical for storing the objects you need but also for decorations that make the bathroom more aesthetically pleasing.