Kitchen Designs

Because the kitchen is always full of all kinds of dishes and tableware, you need to have as much storage space as possible. Here are some different types of shelves you can have in your kitchen, depending on its style and the (storage) space you need.

  • A cupboard, with open top shelves and door cabinets in the lower part, is a nice model, especially for a traditional rustic style kitchen. You can expose your favorite dishes to the top and hide the least aesthetic in the cabinet.
  • Suspended cabinet with shelves and glass doors is only suitable for storing plates, cups and glasses. It is preferable not to display pots, crackers and pans there.
  • A cabinet with slide out shelves Denver business owners sell and install offer a lot or storage space, as well as better organization of the stored items. You can leave a greater distance between shelves, so you can also store boxes, baskets or other bigger kitchen accessories.
  • Drawers are suitable if you do not have too many pots. Cutlery and other utensils, as well as not-too-large accessories can find their place in the drawers.
  • A vertical stand can be an ingenious idea for glasses and maybe even for dishes. However, do not exaggerate with storing too may pots or pans, because the stability of this type of storage item is reduced.