Important Questions For Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Cleaning and maintenance are both important when it comes to elements such as the shelves of your cabinets. Most cabinets have wooden shelves, which unlike metal, glass or plastic, are prone to anything from water and fire damage to being affected by smoke, parasites like termites and even common household dust.


Metal and plastic shelves can also be painted in most cases, if necessary, but the best results can be gained by using the right type of paint on wooden cabinet shelves. Why is wood so appealing when it comes to the prospect of painting it? It’s simply because of wood’s natural texture and appearance that makes it less of an artificial addition to your home.


Most wooden shelves are painted in the first place, but the paint tends to wear off over time. If that happens, you usually have one of three choices: either you replace them, you use veneer to cover them, or you paint them. While replacing can be costly, and veneer doesn’t look good in all instances, paint can provide you with a more unique set of possibilities when it comes to redesigning the appearance of your shelves.


Painting your wooden cabinet shelves can be a pleasant experience, and the whole task shouldn’t take you much longer than a single afternoon – unless you plan on adding multiple coats of paint, just to make sure you get the desired effect.  Look to for more options on organizing and remodeling your kitchen cabinetry.