Unlike specialized and home contractors who handle only one type of construction work such as plumbing, electrical installations, or specific tasks like installing shelves that slide that Denver retailers sell for cabinetry, general contractors are in charge of everything that happens on the construction site, from work safety to material supply and from meeting deadlines and from coping with emergencies to handling the communication with architects and authorities. As a general rule, if your construction or renovation project takes longer than a week, you need a GC – here are some of the major attributions and tasks that they handle:

  • Planning – the general contractor is responsible for designing the entire building or remodeling process by creating a detailed roadmap, deciding about completion deadlines and budgeting aspects. GCs are familiar with all the processes involved in the construction work, so they know exactly how long a specific process takes to complete and what the related costs are.
  • Managing subcontractors – the GC is also responsible for hiring and coordinating subcontractors to make sure work processes are completed in a timely manner.
  • Communication with the authorities – if the construction process requires building permits, it will be the general contractor who obtains them and he will be the one who mediates between the property owner and the authorities as well.