The decorations for your home exterior, for the table, for the tree or for the walls and doors are essential components of the holidays, but storing them can be difficult, especially if you have lots of them and your collection includes irregularly shaped, large and fragile items. Here are few tips for keeping your decorations intact and safely out of the way while they are not in use:

  • Garlands – these items have a way of getting entangled, but you can make sure they protect them and store them safely coiled in a clear plastic tube;
  • Fragile round ornaments – boxes with compartments are the best containers for orbs of the same shape. You can buy boxes with dividers or you can make your own, fitting pieces of cardboard into a shoe box.  For fragile items it’s nice to have storage units with big pull out drawers to keep items safe;
  • Wreaths – you can store these items one on top of the other in large boxes or you can hang them on clothes hangers and hang them on the back of the closet wrapped in a plastic bag to keep dust away until you use your wreaths again next year;
  • Tree lights – take them off your tree gently, then wrap the string around your arm to prevent tangling and place them in plastic tubes the same way that you store your garlands.