Kitchen Cabinet Color Choices

White kitchen cabinets

At first glance, white has the advantage that it can be matched with any other color, but when it comes to the kitchen furniture, things are a little bit different. If you want a successful match, you can consider a countertop in different shades of gray, with a wood pattern, or colored like other items in your kitchen.

Brown kitchen cabinets

Matching brown cabinets must be made according to how fair or dark is the brown shade. Generally, however, cream cabinets will look good in combination with chocolate, wenge or walnut countertops, while dark brown cabinets will form elegant combinations with white, cream, cream-gray and possibly even silver countertops.

Black kitchen cabinets

Even though it is not as common as the white, black kitchen furniture has its own charm, being the choice of people who love the minimalist or the Scandinavian styles. Being neutral, black kitchen cabinets go well with countertops in different shades of gray, fair wood, white or colored.

Colorful kitchen cabinets

If the above variations are not among your favorites and you prefer colorful kitchen furniture, choose white countertops – you will certainly not be wrong with it!  No matter what color you choose for your kitchen, consider putting in handy pull out drawers and other cabinet accessories to make your kitchen fully functional.