rolling corner shelvesLazy Susan cabinets are a great addition to your kitchen, if you want to make your items accessible and keep them organized.  Just like other Lazy Susan pieces of furniture, these cabinets are designed to include some revolving serving trays or shelves that bring any hard-to-access little thing within your reach, in a second. To gain maximum storage in your cupboards purchase slide out shelves Denver contractors can install for you.  Some people associate these devices only with some restaurant tables, but actually, they are also very popular for kitchen and garden furniture.

The origin of Lazy Susan furniture is oddly elusive, despite its popularity. Who was Susan? Was she the creator of these twirling devices?  Nobody seems to know, as there is no evidence and no historical proof to back up any speculation.

The most popular hypothesis links the concept behind Lazy Susan furniture to England and the 18th century, due to the identification of similar devices, made of mahogany, dating from around 1780, in auction houses in London.

There are also people who believe that Lazy Susan furniture is a 20th century invention that saw the daylight in a Vanity Fair ad, dating from 1917. Others give credit for this invention to President Thomas Jefferson, as well as to the inventor and scientist Thomas Edison. Are these just urban myths? Nobody knows for sure…