Ways To Organize Your KitchenRoll out shelves and easy pull out shelves Denver retailers sell are comfortable and easy to use tools to organize your products – here is how to use them to have accurate information about your inventories at a glance:

  • Use space dividers – dividers allow you to multiply the space available on your roll out shelves and to store products belonging to the same category in one place;
  • Use labels – color coded labels or labels that display the name of the product category stored on the shelves can help you locate the shelf that contains the products that you need;
  • Create a shelf system and use a list and a map – put together a list with your shelves and the products stored on each of them. If your warehouse is large, you can draw a map of the room and mark the numbers used on the shelves for easier identification;
  • Get standard shelves or have them custom-made to meet your specific requirements – roll out shelves come in many different sizes, but if you cannot find the perfect size, you can have your shelves custom-made to your exact specifications;
  • Smart placement – roll out shelves can be pulled out completely, giving you easy access to all the products placed on them, even those in the back row.