Children’s playrooms get messy easily – after all, it is the space where kids can spread all their toys on the floor, where they can have a great time playing pillow fight or where they can assemble whatever structure they want using their toys. Being such heavy-duty areas, children’s rooms are notoriously difficult to keep organized, but with clever shelves, or installing kitchen cabinet drawers unit to organize, nothing is impossible – here are a few tips how to use cabinet shelves to prevent chaos:

  • Use roll out shelves – mobile shelves that can be rolled out offer much more storage space and are easier to use even for the little ones;
  • Add containers and shelf dividers – the items stored on the shelves inside the cabinets can be organized even more efficiently with the help of boxes, pouches or other containers for the smaller items and space dividers for the categories of toys;
  • Make it sturdy – all the storage units used in the children’s playroom need to be very solid to prevent accidents. Solid wood furniture works best for playrooms because they are strong enough not only to hold up the weight of toys inside, but also to resist impact and attempts to climb on. Make sure that the shelves inside are just as strong, especially if your children are energetic and creative.