You have to admit that the way you store your spices makes you too often gasp in exasperation because you lose minutes in a row searching through all kind of small recipients, looking for parsley, thyme or pepper. In order not to waste so much time when you are looking for a particular spice for the food you make, we are helping you with some very clever ideas and ways to store those spices you have in your kitchen.

First, you need some jars; they can have various sizes, but for the sake of appearance, it is worth investing in jars of the same size. Do not omit the labels, as labels are an essential detail in a good organization.

Spice drawer

A special spice drawer is a practical and handy solution that help you keep your kitchen counter free of the spice recipients.

Spice rack

If you do not have a spare drawer, you can use a rack installed on a kitchen countertop or on a wall. Spice jars look pretty anywhere you put them.

A special place in the pantry

For increasing space efficiency, you can install a pantry door organizer for storing your spice jars. This way, you can get easy access, which is important considering their frequent use.  Get other great ideas