If you use your garage for storage as well as for DIYing and repairs, you probably know it from your own experience how time- and energy-consuming it is to keep the space neat and organized – tools and spare parts tend to hide in the most impossible spaces and small items, such as screws and nuts seem to multiply uncontrollably. Fortunately, there are lots of clever furnishing solutions that can help you keep tools, parts and other things in the place where they belong and roll-out shelves are definitely among the best of these solutions. Here are a few ways that you can use roll-outs to maintain order in your garage:

  • Install them close to floor level, underneath your cabinets to store large or heavy objects that you don’t use regularly;
  • Use them inside your cabinets to have easy access to your tools or to your chemicals;
  • Use small containers and space dividers to keep tiny objects, such as nails and screws safely separated.

The secret to using roll-out shelves efficiently is to always put things back to where their place is – these clever shelf solutions can take up a lot and they are very sturdy, but they need to be kept neat.