Modern kitchens seem to have more and more functions: they represent places for cooking, dining, socializing and relaxing. For this reason, current design ideas require originality and imagination; they bring to the fore kitchen furniture with glossy or matte finishes, intelligent shelves and organizers and complex aesthetic functions.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, when you try to decide on the design, you will surely feel at least a bit disoriented by the variety and combinations of colors and styles. However, do not let yourself overwhelmed and start prospecting and gathering information.  Be sure to include kitchen cabinet drawers as part of your design.

Let’s start with styles.

•Classic style is ageless and timeless, with sculpted wood furniture, which inspires a natural and stable atmosphere.
•Modern style is one of the most popular styles. The essential attribute of such a kitchen is comfort. Modern kitchens are open and bright, with harmonious, ergonomic and perfectly functional shapes.
•Rustic style is natural, created with wood, wicker and other woven materials. These kitchens are comfortable and simple by definition, but at the same time very enjoyable and fully functional.
•Hi-tech is the style of metal and glass. Chrome, painted facades, ultramodern technology and accessories are its main attributes.

The color palette, just like the style, plays an essential role in the design of kitchen cabinets, influencing the mood and the overall atmosphere. The kitchens painted in a single shade are monotone compared to those painted in a combination of complementary colors. In addition, any color, combined with white, optically increases the space in the room.