Latest Trends In Home Construction

Home buyers today prefer value and functionality over location and size, pushing constructors to comply with the latest design-related demands they impose – here are the requirements and the directions of development that inform modern constructions:

  • Increased functionality in small spaces – as the result of the shift in buying power towards the younger generations, micro home constructions are more and more in demand, therefore home designers are continuously looking for solutions to maximize the functionality of small spaces, utilizing space with pull out drawers in kitchen cabinetry and other accessories.
  • Green adoption – buyers are becoming increasingly environment-conscious, looking for more than just ways to collect waste selectively. Construction solutions that reduce the building’s impact on the environment, such as rainwater harvesting, regenerative heating and the usage of naturally insulating materials, such as wood are increasingly sought for.
  • Reduced ownership costs – buyers are looking for buildings that are not only cheap to build, but also cheap to live in, therefore energy-efficient solutions are very much in demand.
  • Smart integration – smart homes are buildings the functions of which can be controlled remotely, with the help of a smart device, such as a tablet or a smart phone. Smart integration being the hottest construction trend nowadays, contractors and designers who want to preserve their edge in the business need to provide smart solutions to their clients.