Bathroom countertops need to fulfill multiple conditions. Besides being stylish, they also need to be durable, resistant to stains and spills and they also need to be easy to clean. If you are currently looking for new a countertop for your bathroom, here are the trendiest materials that meet all these requirements:

  • Granite – a hard, non-porous stone that adds visual appeal with its beautiful veins and swirls, granite is resistant to staining, heat and moisture and it can be easily cleaned with the help of a wet cloth or a sponge,
  • Laminate – an excellent, attractive and affordable material that is available in many different color variations and textures, laminate material is resistant to water and stains, but it is sensitive to heat, so don’t place hot objects such as curling irons on it,
  • Concrete – the material is no longer used only in industrial environments. Due to its durability, its resistance to stains, to scratching, to water and to heat as well as for its great design potentials, concrete is nowadays one of the most popular materials used for making countertops,
  • Composite – this lightweight material is usually made from recycled paper, but modern manufacturing technologies make it as durable and resistant as the most expensive natural stone. Composite has excellent anti-bacterial features and it is a great, eco-friendly solution for your bathroom countertop.

While you are upgrading your countertop, you might as well upgrade your cabinetry too!  Think about installing slide out shelves Denver retailers offer, to help get to those hard to reach spaces under the sink.  Adding a coat of paint is a great way to inexpensively improve your cabinets too!