Garage In NEed Of Cabinets and Organization

Is your garage just a dark room full of all sorts of things? Then it is time to think about changing something. Refresh the color of the walls and take into account some convenient storage options.

The tools that you need in the garage must always be visible and at your fingertips, so you should opt for some open cabinets with pull out drawers for convenience. You may not have to buy them at all; if you have some old kitchen cabinets, remove their doors and hinges, repaint them, use a few nails and fix them on the walls; this way, they will not stay in your way. You can also easily make some shelf modifications, if you need them.

Use boxes to organize smaller items on categories. Add labels and store them inside cabinets. Organizers are another excellent solution to use inside the cabinets, as well as magnetic strips attached on the inside of the cabinet doors that will keep small metallic tools at your reach. For storing toxic substances, it is not a bad idea to purchase a metal cabinet with a lock.

Finally yet importantly, in the garage, you should also have at least a mobile cabinet (on wheels) that can be easily moved wherever you need it.