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Post Removals – Don’t limit your storage space

Some people simply cannot imagine what it is like to have a well-organized home, where each thing stays in its place, on its shelf, in its closet, without confusing or deranging anyone. The simple view of an organizing kitchen, for instance, makes them laugh and affirm that there is no such thing in real life.

Well, actually… there is! You too can have such an organization at home, with three conditions.

  • Identify those areas in your home where things tend to pile up uncontrollably, install more shelves if you need them and start arranging them. Give up the preconceived idea that you cannot get organized. Disorganized people actually know very well where they put their things, otherwise they would not remember where to take them from, the next time they need them.
  • Reduce new purchases and start recycling things. The truth is that we live in a consumer society and we buy way too many unnecessary things that pile up in our homes, occupying a lot of space. Most people store a collection of old and new things, plus objects with “emotional value”. Solution: keep what is new, recycle or donate what is old or you do not use anymore and move to the next step.
  • Create the necessary space. Keeping your things in order is not as important as organizing the storage space itself; it is the space that determines how you arrange the things in it. Whether we are talking about a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom or an office, there are effective and aesthetic solutions for organizing your shelves, if only you want to find them. For additional products to organize your kitchen and bathrooms, go to