Storage is an endless struggle in many households – there never seems to be enough space to accommodate everything that needs storage and finding items is also a nightmare, even in the case of items that have their own place. Fortunately, there are lots of clever design ideas that you can use for increasing storage space in your home without mounting shelves on walls the conventional way – here are some unusual, but very handy places where you can add helves:

  • Underneath the stairs – the space under the stairs is usually a dead space, but you can easily transform it into attractive and comfortable storage space by grabbing a few thick boards or planks, cutting them to size and mounting them to serve as shelves, you may even be able to install slide out shelves Denver retailers sell;
  • Shelves on doors – closet doors and room doors can all be fitted with shelves and racks for storing small items that are frequently used;
  • Shelves above the doors – if you have a door in a corner, you can easily create a triangle-shaped shelf that rests on the door frame and is attached to the walls that form the corner. The shelf can be used for décor components as well as for items that you need in the room, but are not used day by day.