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Adding Storage To Your Home

They can improve a house lacking current storage space. If a certain area has the potential for storage, custom cabinets can utilize the square footage. Stock cabinets are less likely to fit into unique spaces or cater to the quirks in an older home. Adding storage to your home will reduce unsightly clutter, helping you create a calm, organized environment.

Personalize Your Project

When thumbing through a stock cabinet catalog, you are limited in your choices by the manufacturer’s offerings and the material’s availability. Custom cabinetmakers do not have the same limitations. Many different materials must be chosen: case wood, face frame wood, hinges, hardware and finish. You have control over the selections for your home, and you are not limited to calling the help line of a giant manufacturer. They most likely are going to work with you step by step, so that no design alterations are lost via a communication breakdown.

Choose a Long-Lasting Product

Custom cabinets are not built on an assembly line. Specialized cabinets are made with care and precision. Stock cabinets are composed of particle board, with screws and glue helping hold the pieces together. Custom cabinets don’t rely on cheap construction methods, but are crafted with built-in joints that fit together smoothly, resulting in a seamless finished product.

Add Value to Your Home

Every time you create storage space from wasted space, you add value to your home. Since your dwelling is your primary investment, financing specialized cabinets is a worthwhile use of your construction or renovation funds. On top of simply adding storage space, another of the benefits of custom cabinets is the maker’s ability to add intricate carvings and designs to each cabinet face. Distinctive, matchless cabinets give a high-end air to a space that might have lacked character beforehand. First-rate custom cabinets can be a major selling point in real estate.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

By working with a local cabinetmaker, you are eliminating the need for long-distance shipping and handling costs. It will take much less energy and fuel and fewer supplies to deliver the cabinets. Further, you can have a consultation with your cabinetmaker about environmentally friendly cabinet-making materials. You can opt for stains and paint that are not harmful to the earth. You can also select wood certified by the Forest Service Counsel. The Forest Service Counsel guarantees that for each tree cut down for construction, another is planted in its place. You can greatly reduce the negative impact your construction project might have on the environment if you avoid huge stock cabinetry suppliers, which may be focused on speed and profit.

Adding Storage To Your Home

Rolling Shelves

For most people, the option to extend their home or convert attics or basements is beyond their financial or practical reach. This means they must learn to live with the space they already have, which means they need to be more creative about storage. Here are some ideas for finding hidden storage space around the home that you may not have thought about.• If you’ve run out of horizontal space in the home, see if you can go vertical instead. Most rooms have at least 20 per cent of their volume area wasted, because it’s above the height of the furniture and the occupant’s heads. Think about space above sideboards, over doors and up walls to create more storage areas without impacting on the available floor space.

  • Multipurpose furniture Families have to have certain things, such as beds, a sofa and somewhere to eat meals. When being creative about storage, consider where those things are earning their keep for the floor space they take up, or whether there might be another way. Sofas with under seat storage can be perfect for tucking away the kid’s toys, and footstools or coffee tables that double as DVD storage make it easy to keep the place tidy.
  • Dead space You might think you’ve filled up your home to the max, but have you really? Consider the area where the two kitchen cupboards meet – usually dead space. Consider installing a sliding shelf in that corner to add to the storage space you have for pans or dry foods. Under the stairs is another area often wasted, so consider buying a roll away drawer or neat sized box to slip in here and make use of the available space.
  • Self storage If you’ve really come to the end of the available space in your home, there is always the option to rent some self storage for things you don’t need every day. Self storage can come at a very reasonable cost, and is certainly cheaper than moving to a bigger home. Consider putting in things that are out of season, such as garden furniture in winter and heavy clothing in summer.

Finding a place for everything and putting everything in its place is the key to having a tidy, clutter free home. It might seem like a tough task right now, but once you’ve found a home for all your belongings, you’ll find it much easier to keep it that way. Of course, having less belongings in the first place can make the whole process much easier, so consider having a big clear out and then finding storage for only the things you really need.A garage use to be a place we stored our yard tools and cars but today, things have changed.  We use our garage as a personal storage unit and tend to fill up as much square feet as we can manage. Knowing this, we need to rely storage devices and containers to keep our garage as organized as possible.

Here are a few types of garage storage devices you can install yourself and will help decrease clutter in your garage:

  1. Utility Shelves and Box Storage When you organize your garage, you need to properly plan where you want to place your items.  Using utility shelving is a great way to keep all of your gear in one area.  They also allow you to utilize vertical space with multiple shelves.  These shelves can be made from wood or metal and you can even find them in a home improvement store.Using cardboard or plastic boxes is a great way to keep your smaller items that you cannot hang together.  Using the same sized boxes on shelving keeps your garage organized and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Make sure to label all of your boxes on each side so you can find your stored materials easily.
  2. Overhead Storage We all can stack our items against walls but there is only so much space for that.  Sometimes you can’t find a shelf that fits a certain space in your garage so turning to an overhead storage device is a great option.  Overhead storage is a great option to keep things out of sight and perfect for items you only use a certain time of year like holiday decorations, winter clothes, outdoor furniture or camping gear.  They come in various sizes and work in different ways. Some are fixed to the ceiling, some use pulleys or cranks.  You need to understand what you store and how you are going to access the device before you install the overhead storage.
  3. Storing Behind Your Doors Our garage space is limited so you may have to come up with some clever storage options.  Your doors are a great place to add a rack, a set of hooks or shelving to hang often used items.  When you install, make sure they do not interfere with the door hinges or door handle.
  4. Small Storage Organizers Although used in a small place, plastic organizers can save you a lot of time and are great for storing screws, nails, nuts and bolts, and all of your other little parts around your garage.  They can be stacked on shelves or stored in drawers to keep your work bench from clutter.  It is also helpful to use these organizers as you will know where all of your items are.You can also use old jars or labeled zip lock bags to store the small essential items in your garage.

Rolling Shelves

Moving Shelves for Storage

When rearranging the existing items on your shelf is not enough, it may be time to build a new space saving solution. As with most projects, materials should be low cost, easy to install, and effective in their end-purpose. Wire shelving is a great space saving solution, ideal for compact areas. The material is popular because of its price point and multi functionality.

No matter your shelving project scope and size, wire shelving can help you get it done. Extensive projects like 3-walled walk-in-closets to in home garage storage can easily be set up using this material. Smaller projects like petite pantries or wire racks for your kitchen items can be done in half the time.

No Tools Required

No tools are required when you set up wire shelving. What distinguished this project from others on the market is the fact that no tools are required for assembly. Everything you need comes in the box. Setup is simple as the poles screw together, the levelers or casters screw in, and the shelves are held by tapered locks. You’d be hard-pressed to find an easier storage solution!

Benefits of Wire Shelving

Sturdy design lets you load up your storage space with items. The sparsity of the grooves provide easy item access, good ventilation, and quick reach to your favorite products. Even when the shelving unit is loaded to capacity, the wire shelving lets in a lot of light. This is ideal for tight areas and work spaces like kitchens in restaurants.You can always customize your wire shelving unit with wire shelf liners, which are placed on the bottom of wire shelving racks, allowing items to not fall through. Dividers let you organize your items with greater segmentation and finer levels of detail.It feels good to maximize your space and know your items are placed in an organized fashion. Wire shelving units are a cost-effective and easy to install solution. These products help you create a more efficient and stress-free home, saving you from having to hunt through your stuff for your favorite things.

Revolving bookcases were very popular in the early 1900’s. They are making a fast comeback and, they are being received very well. The bookcases are made in a town called Eugene located in Oregon. The company produces the product to be sold all over the world. It is also known to produce wood shelving systems.

The first thing about them is that they are able to hold an ample number of books. The books can come in all sizes. They are made by molding fixed shelves into solid wood side panels and adjustable shelves. You will find that some magazines and books will take up a lot of space with shelves that are fixed. The best thing is to use the adjustable shelves.

They are very helpful because they will hold a lot of items like the following;* Oversize reference books* Computers and laptops* Paperbacks* Memorabilia and curios* CDs and DVDsYou will have your very own small library at home when you have your revolving bookcases. They can be very flexible making them very versatile. The bookcases can also be referred to as carousel bookcases. You can find them in a variety of materials and styles. You will be able to store many things.

Small castors will support the revolving top section of the bookcases. You can also store many books in the revolving section. The bookcases come in a variety and they include the following;* 5 tier library* Exquisite hand carved 2 tier mahogany bookcase* Solid mahogany 3 tierHigh quality wood like oak and mahogany was traditionally used to construct revolving bookcases. Therefore, your house will display a deeper sense of style. With them comes a touch of luxury and you will enjoy every minute of their presence. Old bookcases will come with 2 shelves on each side. Great changes have been witnessed since then.New spiced up styles are coming in as the old designs continue to face out. The modern cases come with great advantages and one of them is that they can be stacked up safely and easily. You can also use them as end tables. This will go a very long way in ensuring that you achieve efficiency.

Instead of moving the whole structure, you can turn one section at a time. This flexibility will help you a lot. The material for creating the book case has not yet changed. It still remains wood. There are other materials that can be used and they are metal or even plastic.

You can expect to choose book cases from a variety of colors and designs. The designs can be contemporary or even modern. You can trust them to save a lot of space in your home. This is because they occupy less space. A lot of charm and beauty will be incorporated to your home.

Never rush the process of finding good bookcases. Search for the ones that will be right for you. Going through the products available in your local store will reveal great products and product offers. An online search will also do you good.


Moving Shelves for Storage

Places You Never Thought to Put Shelves

Storage is an endless struggle in many households – there never seems to be enough space to accommodate everything that needs storage and finding items is also a nightmare, even in the case of items that have their own place. Fortunately, there are lots of clever design ideas that you can use for increasing storage space in your home without mounting shelves on walls the conventional way – here are some unusual, but very handy places where you can add helves:

  • Underneath the stairs – the space under the stairs is usually a dead space, but you can easily transform it into attractive and comfortable storage space by grabbing a few thick boards or planks, cutting them to size and mounting them to serve as shelves, you may even be able to install slide out shelves Denver retailers sell;
  • Shelves on doors – closet doors and room doors can all be fitted with shelves and racks for storing small items that are frequently used;
  • Shelves above the doors – if you have a door in a corner, you can easily create a triangle-shaped shelf that rests on the door frame and is attached to the walls that form the corner. The shelf can be used for décor components as well as for items that you need in the room, but are not used day by day.
Places You Never Thought to Put Shelves

Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Organized

Kitchens have a way of getting messy like no other room in the house, but with these tips, you will be able to organize yours ad to keep it organized as well:

  • Sort through your items and get rid of whatever you don’t need – you might have too many vegetable peelers or spatulas, too many cups and glasses, too many kitchen towels. Check multiple items and get rid of anything that is not perfectly functional, then make sure you keep only the items that you need and use in the kitchen;
  • Create zones – choose the area where plates can be most comfortably kept, then do the same for cups, pots, pans, irregularly shaped utensils, serving items, and so on;
  • Use storage boxes and space dividers – boxes and baskets are great for storing small items that otherwise would tend to disappear and space dividers are also essential for a well-organized kitchen.
  • Hang things on the wall – magnetic knife holders, hooks on the walls for kitchen towels and oven mitts are all great for relieving the burden on your cabinets, to enhance your kitchen’s functionality and to make the kitchen look cozier and to be the space that you really love.
Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Organized

Resolve to Organize Your Cabinets This New Year

Closing cabinet doors is a great method to conceal mess, but it works only as long as you don’t want to find something in the messy closet. As we are approaching the end of the year, many of us are already thinking about the New Year resolutions we are going to make about maintaining our home neat and orderly – if organizing your cabinets is among your resolutions, here are a few tips how to do it:

  • Remove the contents of your cabinet, have a look at each item and decide whether you need it or not – we tend to cram unused, unnecessary, broken items into our cabinets, that’s why you need to be very hard on yourself and get rid of any item that is not perfectly functional;
  • Clean the cabinet – use a soft cloth and some suitable detergent to remove every spot of dirt and grime from inside the cabinet and sliding drawers and from the exterior surface of the cabinet door;
  • Use organizers – boxes, space dividers and other organizers are great for maintaining your cabinets organized and they also make cleaning much easier next time. If the cabinet is large enough, you can also figure out how to add more storage with racks mounted on the doors.
Resolve to Organize Your Cabinets This New Year

Cabinet Trends for 2019

Your cabinets, whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, are furnishing items that play not only the functional role of providing storage space, but also an important aesthetic role. If you want to make sure your home is stylish, here are some cabinet design trends expected for 2019:

  • Traditional designs are making a comeback – natural wood textures, stone-like textures and the associated toned-down colors, such as beiges, browns and greys will all be very trendy;
  • Cabinets that cover entire walls – small cabinets mounted underneath and above countertops and above or under sinks are replaced by much taller cabinets that cover entire walls to use every inch of wall for storing kitchen gear out of sight, installing shelves that slide Denver businesses sell;
  • Beadboard cabinets – beadboard is an affordable, durable and versatile material that comes in many different varieties and is becoming a common material for cabinet doors;
  • Smart cabinets – the trend to live in smaller homes has created the demand for smart storage solutions that do not take up precious space in the home. Smart hardware is very trendy for cabinets as well and is used to transform tight places into storage space as well as to diversify the storage opportunities available in already existing storage spaces.
Cabinet Trends for 2019

How to Make the Most of Cabinet Shelves for a Child’s Playroom

Children’s playrooms get messy easily – after all, it is the space where kids can spread all their toys on the floor, where they can have a great time playing pillow fight or where they can assemble whatever structure they want using their toys. Being such heavy-duty areas, children’s rooms are notoriously difficult to keep organized, but with clever shelves, or installing kitchen cabinet drawers unit to organize, nothing is impossible – here are a few tips how to use cabinet shelves to prevent chaos:

  • Use roll out shelves – mobile shelves that can be rolled out offer much more storage space and are easier to use even for the little ones;
  • Add containers and shelf dividers – the items stored on the shelves inside the cabinets can be organized even more efficiently with the help of boxes, pouches or other containers for the smaller items and space dividers for the categories of toys;
  • Make it sturdy – all the storage units used in the children’s playroom need to be very solid to prevent accidents. Solid wood furniture works best for playrooms because they are strong enough not only to hold up the weight of toys inside, but also to resist impact and attempts to climb on. Make sure that the shelves inside are just as strong, especially if your children are energetic and creative.
How to Make the Most of Cabinet Shelves for a Child’s Playroom

Great Places to Store Holiday Decorations

The decorations for your home exterior, for the table, for the tree or for the walls and doors are essential components of the holidays, but storing them can be difficult, especially if you have lots of them and your collection includes irregularly shaped, large and fragile items. Here are few tips for keeping your decorations intact and safely out of the way while they are not in use:

  • Garlands – these items have a way of getting entangled, but you can make sure they protect them and store them safely coiled in a clear plastic tube;
  • Fragile round ornaments – boxes with compartments are the best containers for orbs of the same shape. You can buy boxes with dividers or you can make your own, fitting pieces of cardboard into a shoe box.  For fragile items it’s nice to have storage units with big pull out drawers to keep items safe;
  • Wreaths – you can store these items one on top of the other in large boxes or you can hang them on clothes hangers and hang them on the back of the closet wrapped in a plastic bag to keep dust away until you use your wreaths again next year;
  • Tree lights – take them off your tree gently, then wrap the string around your arm to prevent tangling and place them in plastic tubes the same way that you store your garlands.
Great Places to Store Holiday Decorations

Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home Office

Working from a home office is a great thing, but while offices used by multiple people at a time tend to be more organized because in every office there is at least person who is very organized and demands the same from the others, too, in a home office there is just you, no one else to tell you when the clutters is out of control. Any cluttered space is counterproductive, but if that cluttered space is the room that you use to run your business from, clutter can make your work more difficult and it can easily cause serious financial loss, so keeping your home office neat is essential for your success. Here are a few tips for de-cluttering your office quickly and efficiently:

  • Start by removing waste – get a large box and remove all garbage, such as pieces of paper that you scribbled on, old pens, paper clips and other small items. Start with your desktop and move systematically across the room, checking every piece of paper to make sure you are not throwing away important information, such as phone numbers;
  • Get office supplies – file folders and file organizers are essential for a clutter-free office, so get some and use them for storing your important documents. Make sure you label your racks and organizers to make finding your documents easier, also look at pull out shelves Denver stores sell for convenience;
  • Don’t cut corners – go through every item that you find in your office and find a place for each item that you don’t throw away, but don’t just throw irregularly shaped things and cables into a drawer – a messy drawer is usually the seed from which mess and clutter springs up again.
Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home Office
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