Working from a home office is a great thing, but while offices used by multiple people at a time tend to be more organized because in every office there is at least person who is very organized and demands the same from the others, too, in a home office there is just you, no one else to tell you when the clutters is out of control. Any cluttered space is counterproductive, but if that cluttered space is the room that you use to run your business from, clutter can make your work more difficult and it can easily cause serious financial loss, so keeping your home office neat is essential for your success. Here are a few tips for de-cluttering your office quickly and efficiently:

  • Start by removing waste – get a large box and remove all garbage, such as pieces of paper that you scribbled on, old pens, paper clips and other small items. Start with your desktop and move systematically across the room, checking every piece of paper to make sure you are not throwing away important information, such as phone numbers;
  • Get office supplies – file folders and file organizers are essential for a clutter-free office, so get some and use them for storing your important documents. Make sure you label your racks and organizers to make finding your documents easier, also look at pull out shelves Denver stores sell for convenience;
  • Don’t cut corners – go through every item that you find in your office and find a place for each item that you don’t throw away, but don’t just throw irregularly shaped things and cables into a drawer – a messy drawer is usually the seed from which mess and clutter springs up again.