Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall is usually a season for many changes and preparations and in most households, it is also the time when a big cleaning session takes place. If you want to make sure this year there are no places left uncleaned in your home, here are a few tips that can help you be more effective:

  • Check your pantry – check all the shelves and boxes in your pantry for expired or spoiled food, then wash and vacuum everything, including the corners, the ceiling and the floors;
  • Flip the mattresses – most modern mattresses come with a summer side and a winter side to ensure comfort among all temperature conditions. The weather outside will soon turn cool, so make sure you sleep on the winter side of the mattress;
  • Shampoo and vacuum all upholstery and carpets – it is very important to refresh the upholstery and the carpets before the rainy season settles in, especially if you have pets in the house as well;
  • Clean the walls and the windows, too;
  • Pay attention to the light fixtures as well – dust and clean the light fixtures mounted on your walls and ceilings and don’t forget to clean the lampshades on standard lamps;
  • Check and clean your smoke detectors and your furnace or call a technician to do the cleaning for you – these operations are essential for the safety of your household.

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