Kitchens have a way of getting messy like no other room in the house, but with these tips, you will be able to organize yours ad to keep it organized as well:

  • Sort through your items and get rid of whatever you don’t need – you might have too many vegetable peelers or spatulas, too many cups and glasses, too many kitchen towels. Check multiple items and get rid of anything that is not perfectly functional, then make sure you keep only the items that you need and use in the kitchen;
  • Create zones – choose the area where plates can be most comfortably kept, then do the same for cups, pots, pans, irregularly shaped utensils, serving items, and so on;
  • Use storage boxes and space dividers – boxes and baskets are great for storing small items that otherwise would tend to disappear and space dividers are also essential for a well-organized kitchen.
  • Hang things on the wall – magnetic knife holders, hooks on the walls for kitchen towels and oven mitts are all great for relieving the burden on your cabinets, to enhance your kitchen’s functionality and to make the kitchen look cozier and to be the space that you really love.