Efficient Ogranized Kitchen

How many times did you feel that your kitchen is too crowded?  And how many times did you feel the need for a reorganization, but the idea of starting such a project was too intimidating? To ease your work, we’ve been thinking to offer you a few guidelines.

  • Eliminate the obstacles in the kitchen

This sounds so technical, is it? In reality, things are simpler. The sink, cooker and fridge are the most used objects in any kitchen. Position them in such a way that there are not obstacles between them, such as chairs or tables.

  • Labels

Over time, things tend to pile up in the kitchen; we store all kind of jars and other containers for different products. The practical advice in this case would be to label these containers. This way, you can find easily what you are looking for.

  • Stay organized

Divide objects into categories and store them according to how often you use them. For example, knives, spices, and choppers should always be within reach, add kitchen cabinet drawers within reach, so you do not move redundantly through the kitchen to find them.

  • Keep your knives always sharp

Make sure you have good knives in the kitchen. Many people like to do fine plating especially to impress their guests, but without a sharp knife, there will be impossible to cut uniform and thin slices.