high sided rolling pantry shelves In order to have maximum visibility on the food and cooking utensils you store in the pantry, you need an exemplary organization. Here are some simple, but very effective tricks to win space in your pantry.

  • Invest in storage containers

Purchase plastic and / or tin containers and fill them with all the ingredients and spices stored in the pantry. If needed, put labels to help you identify the content more quickly. Storage containers look much neater than product packages (which are often clustered, carelessly, on the shelves), and provide better protection for stored products.

  • Add corner-shelving systems

The corners in the pantry are often unused areas or places where we stuff plastic bags. If you install corner shelves, you will have more space to organize the objects in your pantry.

  • Use a plastic bag holder

You have probably seen this kind of hooks in stores. It is very practical to have such a support in your pantry and it will cost you very little to mount it.

  • Add pull out drawers

These pull out drawers will help you store things in your pantry and have them within reach, every time you need them, without leaning or kneeling and trying to identify them in the back of the cabinet.