As in the case of fashion, trends change all the time in the industry of lighting fixtures. They fluctuate and change quite often, so we would better stay alert if we want to keep up with them.

Here are the current trends that are also expected to continue in the future.

  • Small bulbs. Yes exactly: the smaller, the trendier! Small bulbs were the revelation of the year 2016, and in the future, they will probably be the best-selling lighting fixtures.
  • Products with a strong industrial aspect. The preference for the industrial style is not necessarily new; it actually comes back almost every year – and this happens for some time now. People like it and seem to be attached to it.
  • Oversized lighting fixtures also make their presence on the list of designers. Just think about their impact in a room! Used smartly, they can add value and transform any ambience.
  • Think about adding lighting to your kitchen cabinet drawers to locate items easier in the back.
  • Lighting fixtures inspired by nature. These are always on top and provide a lovely aspect of the place where they are installed.

It depends on you to choose which trend suits you. If none of the above cached your attention, that`s ok, because there are ideas and solutions for all preferences and needs.