Many Abstract Designs To Choose

Shelf and drawer liners are used with a double purpose: to provide protection (they attenuate sounds and protect from scratches), as well as an enhanced aspect to the furniture.

There are many materials to choose from and, if you chose properly, the pattern and the color of the liners can indeed add an element of surprise to shelves that slide out. The trends are to match them as best as possible with the rest of the furniture.

A traditional shelf liner is a sheet of thermoplastic composite material, with a decorative top side and a non-slip bottom side. These things are not so cheap and, if you have lots of drawers and shelves in the house, you may want to consider some substitute materials that offer almost identical advantages for significantly fewer costs.

  • Shelves and drawer liners made from acrylic foam
  • Vinyl Shelf Liners
  • Pieces of wallpaper ends
  • Fabric liners
  • Pieces of gift wrap paper or scrapbooking paper

For drawers where you keep your clothes and bed sheets, you can opt for scented drawer liner paper, which is very trendy these days, although quite expensive. Alternatively, you can make your own scented drawer liners, using regular paper sprayed periodically with your favorite essential oils.