We’ve all been there – installing a new shelf only to find that the wood it’s made of just isn’t enough to hold our collection of books, magazines, porcelain dolls or memorabilia. If you have shelves that are sagging because of excessive weight being forced on them, then it’s important to be aware of what  exactly causes it to happen.


Sagging shelves can happen for any number of reasons. The most prevalent of them is that the weight we put on them is too great. However, this can be just a part of the problem.


In some cases, what happens is that the shelves themselves would normally withstand the weight of the objects we store on top of them, but they have no support. In these cases, simply installing brackets and metallic supports to hold up the base or center of a longer shelf will be enough to offer the reinforced support you were looking for.


Of course, there  are also cases when the shelves themselves are made from a type of material (most commonly wood) that is just too weak for the applications you have in mind. If that’s the case, consider buying a new shelf or replacing the boards of the shelving with stronger ones.


Finally, sagging shelves can also appear when the shelves you own are too old, damaged in some way, or poorly designed. In certain cases, it’s best to just buy a set of brand new shelves from companies like Roll’em Out Shelves in Brighton CO, rather than putting in a lot of effort to have them repaired.