Custom Cabinetry

After a busy day at work, all we want is to relax and spend time with our loved ones, in our intimate and comfortable space. We all want to arrange our home in an original and unique way, therefore choosing the style and the pieces of furniture often becomes a very difficult decision. The beauty of the furniture must be in perfect balance with its functionality, but it must also integrate into the existing environment. That is why specialists came up with a great deal: custom-made furniture. This type of furniture is the ideal solution to use the space smartly and efficiently.

Custom cabinets take into account the preferences and needs of the customer, providing flexibility in all aspects: design, colors, and accessories like very functional slide out shelves Denver contractors can install.

But what do you do with custom cabinets that you no longer need? It would be a shame to simply dispose them away, precisely because, being custom, they are unique.

Here are some recycling ideas.

  • Several wall cabinets can be stacked on top of each other and transformed into a larger cabinet that can be used for storage in another area of your home
  • Turn 2-3 cabinets into a bench (with bonus storage!)
  • Smaller cabinets can become beautiful indoor plant holders, if you remove the doors and the hinges