If you are the type who likes to cook often, you surely have many home appliances, accessories and spices that agglomerate your space. Here are some ways to organize your kitchen so it becomes more airy, and the things you need are always at hand.

  1. Install more shelves

Surely, you have at least one empty wall in your kitchen, which is enough to install some extra shelves, where you can store jars with flour, sugar, salt, pasta and other ingredients that would normally occupy the space in the kitchen cabinet drawers.

  1. Hang some utensils

Install some special bars that you can find in any home & deco shop, to hang some of the utensils you use most often. This way, you will use the wall and free up more storage space in the cupboard, for other accessories.

  1. Use a magnetic tape on the inside of the cabinet doors

It can also be mounted on a wall or on a side of the furniture and it will hold your knives and other cutlery, saving up space on the counter or inside drawers.

  1. Use a folding table

The table typical occupies a lot of space in the kitchen, but you can install a folding table that you can fold back anytime you do not use it. Simple and practical, right?