When it comes to using spices for your favorite dishes, you might already have some idea of what kinds you would prefer. Cloves, cumin and ground cinnamon are a few examples, but the diversity of all the spices you can consider is quite possibly overwhelming. Nevertheless, in terms of popularity, not all spices are created equal.


So what are the most popular types of spices you should have around the house? It’s usually a matter of debate, since not everyone agrees on what the tastiest most flavorful spices might be. Some prefer basil and bay leaves, others are partial to cinnamon, while some love the smell of curry powder.


Aside from the ones mentioned above, two other very popular and widely used spices are allspice and apple pie spice. The latter is probably the most curious and unusual mix of all, featuring a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice.  The secret to using spices is to keep them within grasp, and it’s easy to upgrade your current cupboards with pull out shelves from Roll ‘Em Out Shelves.


Of course, it’s ultimately a matter of preference which spices you buy and own, and it will greatly depend on the type of food you cook as well. But if it’s about putting the most popular spices on display in your kitchen, then some of the best choices you can make will revolve around cayenne, bay leaves, basil, apple pie spice and allspice.