Spice Storage Solutions

We all know the trouble of having to sort through dozens of differently sized containers to find the one spice that we need. Fortunately, roll out shelves and have been invented and are nowadays available everywhere – here is why storing your spices on these ingenious shelves can save you from the mess made by old-type spice racks:

  • Space that can be used 100% – roll out shelves can be fully extended, that way you can instantly locate the spice that you need;
  • More protection – roll out shelves can be installed inside your kitchen cabinets and in your drawers, that way your spices can have a safer, more protected home, away from the spills that are so common in frequently used kitchens;
  • Smart solutions for small spaces – with roll out shelves, you can create storage space for your spices that is easy to use and attractive behind the fill outs between your cabinets or between the components of your counter space;
  • Multi-purpose storage – by adding multiple pull out shelves to your cabinets, you can store spice containers of different heights and sizes more neatly and you can also store other containers, such as different cooking oils, more neatly inside the cabinet.  The newer pull out drawers are an effective way for spice storage depending on the size of the drawer.