Finding the right time for remodeling your home is not easy – we are all busy all the time and we also get the feeling there is no good timing for the mess and discomfort associated with remodeling. Your remodeling project can start with a DIY or as simple as hiring Roll ‘Em Out Shelves of Denver to installed rollout drawers and shelves in your kitchen to automatically upgrade your cupboards.  However, if the remodel cannot be postponed for very much longer, start it in winter – here is why:

  • Contractors are easier to find – as most homeowners sacrifice their summer vacations to start and complete their remodeling projects, the hot season is also the peak period for remodeling contractors. If you are willing to schedule the project for winter, you can find available contractors more easily and you will probably benefit from better rates as well;
  • Faster permitting – the government agencies that issue construction permits take shorter to emit permits in winter, so if your project requires a permit, you can get it faster during the offseason;
  • Faster completion for material orders – winter is offseason for the companies that supply building materials as well, so access to the building materials that you need is also easier and the deals are better in winter.

If you live in an area that gets harsh winters, you might have to postpone some exterior remodeling operations for the spring and the summer, but in areas that get milder winters or no winter at all, the period from December to March is even better for work done on your home exterior than the spring or the summer.